LFI is committed to educating children appropriately to their needs and irrespective of their religion, nationality or gender and to providing the physical and educational means to ensure the success of the child’s education.

Please note that the completion of an application form does not in any way guarantee a place in the school for your child.

 Per yearPer term
Infant classes€5,772€1,924
Junior classes€4,902€1634
6th class and junior cycle (resident)€5139€1,713
6th class and junior cycle (non-resident)€7083€2,361
Senior cycle (resident)€6066€2022
Senior cycle (non-resident)€8178


Additional fee for International Section (OIB)€1,000€   334

Note that the infant and junior classes Lunch Supervision Charge has been incorporated into the general school fees.

Please read the full LFI Terms and Conditions 2022-2023

Grants are available for the children of French or binational families who do not have the means to pay the entirety or part of the LFI school fees. Information about the possibility of obtaining a grant is circulated by the school each year.

Note that parents MUST live in Ireland to be eligible for a grant.


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