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After-school care and activities in the primary school

The after-school programme in Foxrock runs from the end of class each day until 6 pm, Monday to Friday. The children can participate in a number of school-run activities, or in other activities run on the school premises by outside providers.

After-school care (supervised free play) can be booked for the whole afternoon, or before and/or after activities. If your child’s activity ends at a quarter to the hour (e.g. 3.45 pm) you have until the hour (e.g. 4 pm) to pick him or her up.

Bookings for after-school care and school run activities can be made on-line in advance

  • for the whole school year or
  • for a single term.
  • Bookings for one-off after-school care can also be made.

If your child is already enrolled in the school, you can click here to log in to Eduka and make a booking.

For activities run by outside providers you will have to contact the person running them directly.  We would advise you to make your bookings with external activities first, so that you know what after-school care you need.

Time spent in activities is not billed for after-school care, but is paid for separately.

Please read the after-school programme terms and conditions.

After-school care is available every day until 6 pm.  Places can be booked either for the entire year, or by term.  The number of pupils we can accept in after-school care is limited.  All the enrolments are thus dependent on availability.  Enrolments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  After-school care can also be booked on an occasional basis, if places are available.

The cost of after-school care is €9 per hour, but the following discounts are available:

  • On line booking for the entire school year – reduction of 55% (e.g. 1 hour a week x 36 weeks = €324 – 55% = €145.80)
  • On line booking for an entire school term – reduction of 40% (e.g. 1 hour a week x 15 weeks = €135 – 40% = €81.00)
  • Weekly on-line booking made before midnight on the Sunday before the date or dates in question – reduction 25% (€6.75 per hour)
Only payments made in advance for the full year or the full term will benefit from the relevant discount.

Occasional after-school care can be booked by a note in your child’s journal or by email (extrascolaire@lfi.ie) or telephone (01 289 2788) before 2pm on the day in question (before noon on Wednesday).  In this case the full rate of €9 will be charged.

The children are supervised in the school, outside if the weather permits. The after-school care service is one of supervision.

The children in after-school care are divided into two groups: infant classes and junior classes.

The children in the junior classes play in the big yard.  If they are inside, they can draw or play board games which are provided for their use.  Once a week, the children who wish can go to the library for a ‘quiet time’ where they can read or study.

The children from the infant classes in after-school care play in the little yard with all the toys that are available.  When they are indoors they can play with the after-school toys in one of their classrooms, or draw or colour.

There is a break mid-afternoon for the children from the infant classes for a snack and a quiet time.  Please remember to give your child a snack if he or she will be staying in after-school care for a few hours.


On Wednesday afternoons, the children from Petite Section have a nap.

If your child is already enrolled in the school, click here to log in to Eduka and make a booking.

The following activities run by the school are offered as part of the after-school programme.

Activity T1 T2 T3 Annual
Craft & Origami
Monday, Thursday
More details
€125 €90 €60 €275
Monday, Friday
More details
€110 €80 €50 €240
Monday, Wednesday
More details
€135 €100 €65 €300
More details
€130 €100 €60 €290
Music Appreciation
Monday, Wednesday
More details
€110 €80 €50 €240
More details
Supervised Study
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
More details
€110 €80 €50 €240

The following activities are offered at the school by external providers. Please contact them directly for further information, booking details, payment methods etc.

All external providers are subject to a number of checks including garda vetting and tax clearance, and activities are listed provisionally until they have been cleared.

Art ArtZone, bookings@artzone.ie, info@artzone.ie
Chess International Chess Promotions, baburin@gmail.com
Circus Skylark Productions, angeli.santander@gmail.com
Coding Lets Leap, info@letsleap.ie
Gymboree Gymboree, info@playandmusic.ie
Irish Dancing annieodonnell@gmail.com
Judo Kodokan Ireland, fred.marmain@theo2.ie
Stretch ‘n’ Grow Stretch ‘n’ Grow Children’s Fitness Programme, sngdse@gmail.com
Theatre Skylark Productions, angeli.santander@gmail.com


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