After-school care and activities in the primary school

The after-school programme in Foxrock runs from the end of class each day until 6 pm, Monday to Friday. The children can participate in a number of school-run activities, or in other activities run on the school premises by outside providers.

After-school care (supervised free play) can be booked for the whole afternoon, or before and/or after activities. If your child’s activity ends at a quarter to the hour (e.g. 3.45 pm) you have until the hour (e.g. 4 pm) to pick him or her up.

Bookings for after-school care and school run activities can be made on-line in advance

  • for the whole school year or
  • for a single term.
  • Bookings for one-off after-school care can also be made.

If your child is already enrolled in the school, you can click here to log in to Eduka and make a booking.

For activities run by outside providers you will have to contact the person running them directly.  We would advise you to make your bookings with external activities first, so that you know what after-school care you need.

Time spent in activities is not billed for after-school care, but is paid for separately.

Please read the after-school programme terms and conditions.


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