Language Festival

As part of the AEFE’s language festival which took place during the month of May, our secondary school pupils participated in a number of projects, including: a lock-down journal covering a week in four lanuages (German, English, Spanish and Irish)  – read more and another called “What do you see from your window?” (in Spanish … Read more

Charity Club Disco

Another successful disco for the LFI Charity Club.  6ème and CM2 had a wonderful night.  The sum of €355 was raised for the worthy charity Barretstown. Thank you to all parents for the wonderful support. 


As part of the ‘Ciné-débat CM2-6ème’ project, which will be showing ULYSSE (1954) at the Alliance Française on Wednesday 22nd January, the pupils of CM2 have made a Kamishibai based on their study of Homer’s Odyssey, and in particular Ulysses’ encounter with the cyclops Polyphemus

The Fabulous Christmas Catalogue

The Christmas holidays are coming up fast and the pupils in CM2 have come up with a ‘Fabulous Christmas Catalogue‘ with the list of the most poetic and marvelous toys they’d like to ask for…Will Father Christmas grant their wishes?

Literary Tasting

A lovely evening in the Alliance Française yesterday with readings of extracts from the works selected for the PRIX DES INCORRUPTIBLES by the pupils of CM2 and 6ème, and the ‘literary tasting’. Well done to everyone for the quality of the reading and the extracts chosen!

St Patrick’s in Foxrock

On this last school day before St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrated the national holiday in LFI Foxrock with a display of green… …a doubly appropriate colour, given that school children around the world were demonstrating to save the planet today.

Charity Club Disco

The 6eme & CM2 2019 annual charity disco was another great success.  Lots of fun, dancing and prizes!!!! A fantastic sum of €720 was raised for the very worthy charity Bumbleance!!!  Thank you to all who contributed as this amount was only achieved from your generous support.  On behalf of the LFI Charity Club,  a … Read more


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