Host Family Recruitment Procedure

1. Contact details
Please fill the form by clicking on the link below:

Google forms: LFI Prospective Host Family

2. Garda Vetting requirement
Everyone in the family who is aged 16 or over must be Garda vetted.

Aged 18+:

NVB1 form completed with two forms of proof of identity e.g.  driving licence and passport or birth certificate.  See below for further information.
• All  copies of forms of identity must be certified as true copies of the originals by the local Garda station.  If it is more convenient, you can come to the school during school hours where the ID verification process can occur.  Just text Stephanie Le Boulaire requesting this on mobile number 087 258 3504. However, each individual member of the family  aged 18+  would need to present themselves at the school for this ID verification process.

Aged 16 but under 18:

NVB3 form (parental consent form) to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian in addition to the NVB1 form
• Note: Parent’s email address and contact number needs to be provided on the NVB3 form.  Proof of identity requirements are less rigourous e.g. a passport will suffice.

Relevant proofs of identity must to be provided (totalling 100 points as below):

80 points Irish driving licence/learner permit (new card format); Irish Public Services Card (with photo)
70 points Passport (from country of citizenship)
50 points Irish certificate of naturalisation; Birth certification; GNIB card; National Identity Card (EU/EEA/Swiss)
40 points Irish driving licence (old paper format); Public services card/medical card/social services card with photo
35 points Employment ID card from employer with name and address; Letter from employer within last two years confirming name and address;  P60/P45/Payslip (with home address); Utility bill (less than 6 months old – not mobile phone bill); Bank/Building Society/Credit Union Statement
25 points Employment ID card with name only; Public services card/social services/medical card without photo

i. Vetting invitation will be issued by JMB and sent to your email address.
ii. Complete the vetting disclosure in a timely manner.
iii. Inform school when evetting  on line application is completed.
iv. Evetting result is emailed to the school.
v. School will email you with a copy of vetting disclosure.

3. Home Visit
Upon satisfactory completion of the Garda Vetting process for each member of the prospective host family, a meeting is organised with the family in their home.  The host family is provided with the guidelines on hosting students, which they must sign in order to be placed on the host family list.   Guidelines are signed by the host family.  Referees may be requested by the school at this meeting.

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