Principal's welcome

I am very happy to welcome you to our school’s website and I hope that we will soon have the opportunity to meet in-person. The Lycée Français International Samuel Beckett found its roots in 1967 when the “Petite école Française” opened its doors in Dun Laoghaire. We have come a long way since then, as today, the LFI has become a renowned school which educates more than 500 students in two distinct locations: the Primary school in Foxrock (Dublin 18) and the Secondary school in Clonskeagh (Dublin 14). It offers all children from Maternelle (Junior Infant) onwards a multicultural and multilingual environment, displaying the humanist values ​​dear to France and Europe: with inclusive schooling, equality between girls and boys, the promotion of intellectual curiosity and of a critical spirit, and a special attachment to the sustainability of our planet. 

Its affiliation with the Agency for French Education Abroad (“AEFE”) guarantees that your children will follow the French educational curriculum (LFI is part of a network of 522 school located in 139 countries), benefit from the dynamism of that network which, for instance, comprises continuous training for all staff, and also provide an unconditional support during time of uncertainty. The Primary school has been sharing a location since 1987 with Hollypark school in Foxrock and the Secondary school has been sharing a site with St. Kilian’s school / Eurocampus since 2008. The latter is intended to develop further in the years to come with ambitious extension projects! 

Thanks to the commitment of its teachers and all the staff, the LFI guarantees its students excellence in results: with 100% success rate in obtaining the baccalaureate and 100% with honours. This allows them to maximise their options for the next stage of their education in France but also all over the world (Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, United States, Switzerland, etc.). 

The change of name and the new website best symbolise what the Lycée Français International Samuel Beckett wants to be: an establishment proud of its Franco-Irish roots, turned towards Europe, anxious to adapt to contemporary requirements and to Excellency. I hope that your children will flourish there and later join the community of LFI alumnis.

Philippe Luquet

LFI Education Approach

The LFI offers a unique education.  From primary school on, the pupils are immersed in a multicultural and bilingual environment.  Innovative and creative teaching programmes allow the children to be educated in favourable learning conditions.

LFI follows the teaching programmes of the French Department for National Education, while taking into account the local environment and the pupils themselves.  Mastery of the French language, the teaching language, and its expansion are at the heart of the syllabus.  Workshops for small groups in the primary school and junior cycle allow the pupils for whom it is not their mother tongue to make rapid progress.  In the same way, the modern languages policy emphasises English, the language of our host country.  Every pupil from the youngest up follows an individual progression.

In 5e (First Year), the pupils join the Eurocampus, run jointly with our partner St. Kilian’s.  French, German, Irish and other pupils take classes together.  At the end of 3e (Third Year), the children sit two exams, the French Diplôme National de Brevet (DNB) and the Irish Junior Certificate. In this way LFI as a school develops European citizenship every day and offers its pupils a real road to success.

In the classes of senior cycle, the pupils can continue an international programme with the European Section or the International Section (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat, OIB section américaine).

Become a host family!

Through the host family programme, the Lycée Français d’Irlande welcomes students to Dublin, whose parents do not live in Ireland, and gives them the opportunity to follow the French curriculum and improve their English.

Extra Curricular Activities

Primary School - Extra Curricular Activities

The after-school programme in Foxrock runs from the end of class each day until 6 pm, Monday to Friday. The children can participate i) in a number of enriching school-run activities, or ii) in other popular programmes run on the school premises by outside providers. 

i) School-run activities:

Craft & Origami 


Music Appreciation


Bookings for these activities can be made on-line in advance for a single term at a time. 
If your child is already enrolled in the school, you can click here to log in to Eduka and make a booking.

ii) Programmes run on the school premises by outside providers:

These activities are offered at the school by external providers. Please contact the external providers directly for further information, booking details, payment methods etc. We would advise you to make your bookings with external activities first, so that you know what after-school care you need.

Secondary School - Extra Curricular Activities

The LFI offers extra-curricular sports activities to its students and it may vary from year to year. As an example for the 2021/2022 school year, the LFI offered Volleyball, Badminton and Football activities.

After-School Care

After-school care is available every day until 6 pm.  Places can be booked by term or annually. The number of pupils we can accept in after-school care is limited.  All the enrolments are thus dependent on availability.  Enrolments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  After-school care can also be booked on an occasional basis, if places are available.

If booked by term, the cost of after-school care is €5 per hour.

If booked a la carte a minimum of 3 days in advance, the cost of after-school care is €10 per hour.

If booked a la carte less than 3 days in advance, the cost of after-school care is €15 per hour.

This is to allow us to manage the staffing level appropriately and ensure the well-being of all children in our care.

Terms and conditions of the after-school care are available here: After-school T&Cs

The children are supervised in the school, outside if the weather permits. 

The children in after-school care are divided into two groups: infant classes and junior classes.

The children in the junior classes play in the big yard.  If they are inside, they can draw, socialise, play board games, or do other enriching activities which are provided for their benefit.

The children from the infant classes in after-school care play in the little yard with all the toys that are available.  When they are indoors, they can play with small toys, draw, colour, or do imaginative play.

There is a break mid-afternoon for the children from the infant classes for a snack and a quiet time.  Please remember to give your child a snack if he or she will be staying in after-school care for a few hours. 

On Wednesday afternoons, the children from Petite Section have a nap.

If your child is already enrolled in the school, click here to log in to Eduka and make a booking.

Networks / Partnerships



The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) is a government institution supervised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Founded in 1990, it is responsible for monitoring and managing the network of French schools abroad.

The AEFE is the guarantor of the French education system abroad. It plays a key role in expanding France’s cultural and linguistic influence throughout the world and serves to boost the appeal of French higher education.


Neighboring the Irish primary schools Hollypark Girls and Hollypark Boys, the LFI primary school maintains a quality partnership with them: teacher exchanges, joint projects, harmonious management of shared spaces.

This partnership allows our students and their parents to better understand the challenges of schooling in an Irish school or a French school and to respond to the desire to integrate into the local landscape.


The Eurocampus is a joint project between St. Kilian’s and the Lycée Français d’Irlande (LFI). We share our campus here in Clonskeagh and students of both schools share lessons in the joint Junior Cycle.

In September 2001 the Secondary School of the Lycée Français d’Irlande relocated to the St. Kilian’s, Clonskeagh campus as the first step towards providing a true European style education for Dublin. After four years of negotiations and shared experiences, the Lycée Français d’Irlande and St. Kilian’s Deutsche Schule Secondary School agreed to join to amalgamate in the Junior Cycle, thus creating the Eurocampus Dublin.


Governance & Policies


The three school councils where parents of the  primary and secondary schools are represented along with staff, and students of the secondary school, are:

  • le Conseil d’école (the Primary School Council) which includes the three cycles in the primary school;
  • le Conseil du second degré (the Secondary School Council) which covers both the junior and senior cycles of the secondary school ; and
  • le Conseil d’établissement (the School Council) which covers both the primary and secondary school.

The Board of Management runs the school and makes decisions in relation to its financial management and locally employed staff members.  It comprises parent members elected annually at the time of the school’s Annual General Meeting as well as permanent members.

Admin Staff Contact Details

Primary:  +353 12894063 / +353 860651137

Secondary:  +353 12884834 / +353 860651138