Offering a bilingual education from junior infants to 6th year for the last 50 years

The Lycée Français d’Irlande is a French teaching institution, approved by the French Department of Education and attached to the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à  l’Etranger – AEFE) through a convention.

The LFI is on two sites and educates about 500 children.  The primary school, which is comprised of the infant and junior classes, is situated in Foxrock.  The secondary classes are in Clonskeagh where they share the campus with our partner St. Kilian’s, the German School.

The Lycée Français d’Irlande is a European school.  Our bilingual educational project from infant classes to senior cycle now attracts pupils of numerous nationalities.

The school’s educational project promotes exchanges with our Irish and German partners.

Our school offers French and Irish children, as well as those from numerous other countries, a curriculum facilitating access to further education in France and in Ireland, but also elsewhere in Europe for those who wish.

Teaching in French in LFI is entirely based on the official French programme.  For more information, see

The three school councils where parents of the  primary and secondary schools are represented along with staff, and students of the secondary school, are:

  • le Conseil d’école (the Primary School Council) which includes the three cycles in the primary school;
  • le Conseil du second degré (the Secondary School Council) which covers both the junior and senior cycles of the secondary school ; and
  • le Conseil d’établissement (the School Council) which covers both the primary and secondary school.

The Board of Management runs the school and makes decisions in relation to its financial management and locally employed staff members.  It comprises parent members elected annually at the time of the school’s Annual General Meeting as well as permanent members.


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