After-school activities for secondary school

There are three categories of activity (A-B-C) in the secondary school:
A- Activities covered by the school fees.  No extra charge.
B- Activities not covered by the school fees – billed separately by the school.

  • Standard activity – Clonskeagh (31 weeks):
    Year: €225.00 Term 1: €100.00 Term 2: €90.00 Term 3: €35.00
  • Competitive badminton – Clonskeagh (31 weeks):
    Year: €270 Term 1: €125 Term 2:€105 Term 3: €40
  • Competitive football – Clonskeagh (31 weeks):
    Year: €370 Term 1: €170 Term 2: €140 Term 3: €60

C- Activities offered by an external provider on the school campus.  No involvement by the school.  Parents communicate directly with the provider. Providers are completely separate from the school.  LFI accepts no responsibility for the content or organisation of the activity or any information given by the provider. All external providers are garda vetted by LFI.

Type A activities  –  No additional fees
    Le club charité a été fondé en 2014. Mme Valérie Egan encadre une équipe d’élèves de lycéens qui organise des évènements de collecte de fonds tels que des discos, des ventes de gâteaux, des jeux, etc.pour des associations irlandaises. Encadrement et organisation : Mme Egan / Mme Flynn et Mme Le Boulaire

Type B activities – Additional fees to be paid to the school

      Mikaël Allain has been coaching LFI pupils since 2000 bringing some up to international level and helping to ensure the LFI victory in the first-ever AEFE Schools’ World Cup (2010, Johannesburg).
      He was appointed Technical Coach for the South-East region in the summer of 2015.
      His training methods are constantly revised and his experience as an elite player and coach help him to cater for all needs from pure beginners to more advanced players in a fun and safe environment.
      Football (6ème -5ème)    –    Football (4ème, 3ème, 2nd) – Football (1ere et terminale)
      Le badminton est un sport olympique et comporte cinq disciplines : simple hommes, simple dames, double hommes, double dames et double mixte. À haut niveau, il nécessite une excellente condition physique ainsi que de très bonnes qualités techniques et tactiques. C’est également le sport de raquette le plus rapide du monde. Open to all classes (open to St Kilian’s classes).

The language school, Languages Unlimited Services Ltd (Director: Renaud Puyou,, will again this year offer preparatory courses for the Cambridge English Qualifications (FCE, CAE) – – after class on Tuesdays. Please contact Mr Puyou directly to enrol. Tel: +353(0)1 853 2955.

St Kilian’s ( open to Eurocampus children only, depending on their timetable.

Although we are not in charge of St Kilian’s communication on extracurricular activities, we hope the information below, which does not aim to be exhaustive, will be of some interest.
Hockey : Frais de compétition – Ouverture aux élèves de l’Eurocampus seulement. La participation aux compétitions engage des frais à régler au LFI pour versement ensuite à St Kilian’s. Frais de participation à l’équipe de St Kilian’s : 100 euros/an.  Le paiement de ces frais ne garantit aucunement la sélection du joueur pour les matchs. Le coach reste totalement libre de choisir la composition de ses équipes.

St Kilian’s external providers (tennis/cheerleading etc.) – open to all children depending on their timetable.


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