BCD / Library


The BCD (Bibliothèque Centre Documentaire – Library Documentation Centre) is a place to work and to relax, to meet and to converse, to produce and to show.

The BCD is a tool used for projects and for practicing reading and writing, making an organised collection of written work in various media available to the children.

The BCD is a place to learn.  It is an excellent educational tool to be used in teaching and in reading.

To check which books the children have borrowed, go to Hibouthèque and enter the password. (LFI is not responsible for the content of external websites.)




Book Collection

The BCD offers children and teachers a wide choice of books including:

  • Picture books for all levels
  • Novels for learning to read and for confirmed readers
  • Documents to help children in their personal or school research
  • Periodicals for all ages on different themes
  • Comic books for a moment of reading relaxation on the mezzanine
  • Picture books and novels in English


The school’s pupils go to the library to read and borrow books or to carry out documentary research.

The librarian also welcomes the children to read them tales and stories or for them to take part in activities about books and reading.

They can also come with their teachers to work on presentations and class projects. 

There is also an area set aside for the teachers where they can consult teaching materials and the BCD is also used for meetings of teachers or other school staff.

It is a central part of the school which pupils and teachers take pleasure in visiting.


How do loans work?

Every week, the children borrow books to read at home. We are lucky to have a lovely collection of books in our library: the children can choose from a large selection of picture books, novels, comic books, magazines, tales… in French and in English.

There is also a large selection of reference books but these works remain in the BCD for research in the BCD and work in class.

Borrowing works as follows: one or two books of different types (a comic book and a novel or a novel and a picture book or a magazine and a picture book…etc.) or two books in different languages (one book in French and one book in English…).

The children must bring their books back every week. If pupils forget to bring in their books on library day, they cannot borrow another one.  Even if they have not read or finished their book they must bring it in and they can renew it unless another child is waiting for it.

Opening Times

The library is open from 8:25am to 12:15pm every day, and from 1:10pm to 2:40pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.