Science week

As part of Science Week, Hélène Bertin’s CE1 class carried out a number of experiments: a magical moment for the pupils. Can be tried at home…no danger of explosions! ☺

On Thursday 15th November, the CM2s took part in workshops led by NATIVE SCIENTIST:

Benoit Bossavit Ph.D., Computer Scientist at TCD. Activity: The pupils played with a depth camera to interact with a minigame. This helped them understand how the development of motor abilities is a fundamental part of brain development.
Mathilde Raverdeau Ph.D., Immunologist at TCD. Activity: The children discovered the role of the immune system and the importance of hand hygiene. They were able to see the microbes on their hands by using a UV lamp before and after washing them.
Maxime Gueriau Ph.D., Computer Scientist at TCD. Activity: A minigame using the streets of Central Dublin as a labyrinth: the pupils guide an intelligent taxi to pick up and put down fares in the city. This helped them understand the advantages and disadvantages of an on-demand transport system in a city.


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